The Friesian composer / scenario writer Nanne Kalma has, in collaboration with Hans Peter Pluim (composer with the Kinky Horns), evolved a theatre project around the lives of the fishermen of the Grand Banks (fishing
grounds off Newfoundland, Canada). The source of inspiration was the film "Captains courageous", 1936. This classic maritime film was based on the book of the same name by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936).

In the theatre production the image is called up of fishermen who spend several months at sea. While at work in their little fishing boats (known
as dories), they keep in touch with the mother-ship by means of conch shells. The schooner answers with its ship's bell - very important in foggy weather!


Nanne Kalma

The ever-patient fishwives on the quay show that those ashore are equally
concerned with the hard work at sea. During the piece, alongside song (Nanne Kalma & Ankie van der Meer) and the conch music, are shown fragments of authentic films, and an old fisherman tells anecdotes about his life.

Download the pamflet of "Kinkhoorns in de mist".

The music from this theatre project is available on the eponymous CD
"Kinkhoorns in de mist" (UPCD 98316)